Don't miss out on the next advancement in automotive appearance protection.

Inspiration when applied is a multi-layered, clear, extremely hard, long-lasting layer of durable protection.

Provide a permanent shield to your car to protect from...

… chemicals, corrosion, UV, high temperatures, dirt, oxidation and aging. Providing an unheard-of level of protection.

Are you ready to be amazed?

Ceramic Protection Against

Water Stains

Rain & Snow

Fading Paint

Tree Sap

Birds & Insects

Heat & Environment

Too good to be true?

See it in Action

Watch the McCall’s Detailing Team in action paint correcting a 2005 Ford GT and applying two coats of Inspiration Ceramic Coating.

Renny Doyle in action along with members of The Detail Mafia – Detail Boss, Firehouse Auto Spa, South Bay Detailing, Super Detailing, All In The Polish Professional

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About P&S

P&S Sales, Inc. is a “detail product” manufacturing company based in Northern California. Owners Bob and Dave Phillips were raised in the professional auto detailing industry, first working for their father, William Phillips, in the early 80s. Phillips founded the company with a set of core values that he later passed down to his sons, the most important being the belief that customers are earned rather than sold.

We’re extremely passionate about doing right by our customers and strive to provide products designed to exceed expectations. With over 50 years servicing the detailing industry, you will not find a more committed team than P&S. Our representatives and certified installers are trained and dedicated to provide superior product support and installation, so you can trust that you- and your vehicle- are in the best hands possible.


International Detailing Association Supplier of the Year Award

Presented to P&S Detail Products for our outstanding contribution to the professional detailing industry for product excellent, service and commitment.